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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get to know me, your blogger:

As a child raised in Santa Cruz in the parish of St. Elizabeth, I always had a wild imagination.  I had what can be classified as “the imaginary friends syndrome.”  Usually I played different career roles.  At first, because my mother was a teacher, in my mind I became one.  Had my own classroom, in fact my own school.  Later, teaching became dull and I imagined myself as a veterinarian, but true veterinarians had to master the sciences, which was not my forte and so I considered becoming a reporter.  Of course by then, my imaginary friends outgrew me and naturally I parted ways.  

So it was decided, I was going to be a journalist. Somehow the reporter/journalist I envisioned wasn’t like what I saw on my local tele.  I was more intrigued by how the Americans handled things and that’s when I knew I wanted to venture beyond Jamaica. Still I never saw it possible and didn’t know how.
One day, I pounced upon a programme called “Profile,” featuring the late Madge Sinclair and was so impressed that a Jamaican was making waves in Hollywood that I immediately realized my dreams no longer had to be limited to my country.  I then quietly vowed that I would be above average, if not someone great.
I convinced my parents to allow me, their youngest, to study abroad.   After Manchester High School I received a scholarship to study at Albion College in Michigan, and gladly attended with the secret desire to pursue acting myself.  I figured the closer I was to America, the closer I would be to achieving my goal.  During College my interest in journalism faded and my friends encouraged me to consider a modelling career and though initially I was hesitant, I took it more seriously in my final year when I realized my collegiate journey was ending. 
A happy Albion College Grad.
I travelled to New York and stayed with my brother, attended the open calls of some of the different agencies and I received a million nos.  Nonetheless I made use of my work permit and received my first job at Macy’s in Herald Square, Juniors Department, utterly dissatisfied with the way my life was unfolding.  I had a BA degree in Communications and there I was working in a retail store, failing at my new found passion to become a high-fashion model.  Eventually, I signed up with a temp agency and secured a few fleeting jobs.  The most memorable was working as a receptionist at the showroom for Donna Karan New York.  Worst job ever!  It was grossly mundane as all I did was sit at an empty desk, stationed directly before the elevators, with a clipboard and greeted people as they entered, while hearing the same promo video over and over again.  I literally wanted to shoot myself in the foot.  This was supposed to be a two week stint, but on the third day I called my temp agency declaring that I was leaving the job.  They coaxed me to stay and I did, but I watched insufferably as models tried on clothes for perspective buyers, wishing it was me.    
         Things changed when I received a paid internship in a Public Relations firm.  I decided that if I wasn’t modelling, I should at least be working in my field of interest.  I gladly left Macy’s and worked at the firm for a month.  Shortly after I received a job offer as PR Assistant to another PR firm, but unfortunately I faced another stumbling permit was about to expire.  Two and half months later I packed my bags and went home, quite dejected, convinced my dreams were shattered.  However, God worked mysteriously providing an opportunity for me to pursue modelling when I returned home to Jamaica.  
            While I endured my nine-to-five at Edna Manley College as the Publications Research Officer, I joined a local model agency to prepare myself for the bigger picture.  Soon I discovered that I needed to be more vigilant than the agency and decided to aggressively pursue my passion without them.  In 2008 I resigned from the College, got in shape, revamped my look, and revisited New York. 
For two years I travelled back and forth between Jamaica and New York praying for a breakthrough.  Even with the physical upgrade I was still told no, but it was my life, my dream, so I kept on trying.  I connected with a few photographers and received a few test shoots to build my portfolio.  Finally a young photographer discovered me on a model site, took pictures of me and got me interviews with agencies like Elite, Red and Basic.  Still, I was told “no” for various reasons. 

The said photographer referred me to a booker who started a new agency.  After meeting with him, he decided to work with me and sent me on my first casting.  I wasn’t chosen, but I learned later that it was a casting for the first season of “Models of the Runway.”  The agent/booker eventually parted ways with his agency and joined forces with Boss and brought me over, boosting my modelling career.

My time with Boss provided me a window into the world I love, building my portfolio and securing a few publications and jobs.

Photo: Fabien Montique


  1. Inspiring and amazing you are Chevy! Nothing good comes easy, so PUSHHHHHH even harder!

  2. once you're doing what you love, you can't go wrong. love the port; keep it up.

  3. Wishing for you all the success with your blog, you are off to a superb start keep it up.

  4. this is so exciting and I am here wit' you! besides you're inspiring!

  5. This is are doing an excellent job Chev, your blog is an inspiration to me and it sure will be to many other who reads it. You are a strong woman and I hope all goes well in your future endeavors and that the Lord may continue to bless you and keep you.
    God Bless!

  6. Congrats on your blog Chev. I knew all that writing of yours would come in handy one day. I wish you all the best and every success. Do you thing mi luv.

  7. success was not made for any one person but for those who believe in themselves and persevere. You have not fail planting waters in my eyes. There is a light at the tunnel keep walking then success is the past. You will suuceed.


  8. Hello good morning Chevonese, I really admire your tenacity and quote you unknowingly pass on to other youths 'never give up' Chevonese the sky is the limit, stay focus and remain connected to God because he is a way maker and he has been working on you. Continue achieving and improving your status in life. Be adventurous because, no pain no gain. Step out of your comfort zone. I am proud of you, we are all proud of you. Great job