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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Burgeoning Director Predicts Bright Future

These days 3D is no longer limited to three-dimensional graphics.  For some Jamaicans when the term is mentioned Jamaican model turn designer, turn make-up artist and stylist, Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger comes to mind.
Pottinger, who describes himself as “a creative soul” sees himself expanding beyond expectations, even making a name for himself in the world of video directing.  According to the twenty-eight year old icon, when working on various projects with other directors in the past, he felt there was an itch he could not scratch unless he was in the director’s chair himself.
"They just did not have the vision as a stylist," Pottinger says.

Photo: Marvin Bartley
           So he fearlessly ventured into the business with directing his first music video for former girl group “Make Boys Cry” (MBC) in 2005.   Since then he has been honing his craft, adding the flair he believes has been absent from the music video scene by not only highlighting the artist but also the clothes and accessories.  So far, no one is complaining.  In fact, his execution has allowed two of his music videos for 2010, “Move Yuh Body” and “Certified Diva” to be nominated for video of the year for this year’s Youth View Awards (YVAs)  to be held this Saturday, February 5 at the National Indoor Sports Centre. 
A true example that nothing good comes easy and over night, Pottinger’s five years of hard work has paid off.  And if he doesn’t win?  Knowing that he has only been directing for a short period of time, he is simply honoured to be recognized among the greatest in the business. 
This cutting edge director, stylist and make-up artist prides on thinking outside the box and relies on the right team, such as Winston “Willo” Wilkins of Team Willo and newcomer to the business as director of photography, Marvin Bartley, to bring his ideas to life.  As he continues to develop his repertoire and gain respect in the business, Pottinger hopes to eventually work with RnB heavy weights like Rihanna and Beyonc√©.  
Not that he has far to go, since he has already worked on Drake’s music video, “Find Your Love” as a stylist.  As a director he is proud to have worked with Jamaican bread stars such as Bad Gyal Ce’Cile, Tifa, Etana, Angel, and Russell Diamond.  He has even played a vital role in shaping the images for female contenders Ce’Cile and Tifa, both nominated for female artist of the year.  So not only is this young force a visionary, he is one to be reckoned with.  
Photo: Marvin Bartley

         So what else does the future hold for this chameleon?  So far 2011 has been eventful with the young creator co-directing his first television commercial for Telecommunications powerhouse, Digicel for their current Jus’ Buss II Campaign.  He also acclaims his success to his fans, understanding full well that without them he would not have burgeoned to where he is today.
        And for those inspired, who dream the Pottinger dream, this is what the driven director has to say: 
 “Start researching on what you want to pursue and intern in the field to gain knowledge. Jump at it. You don’t need the money to start; all you need is the drive and the passion.”

Pottinger adjusting head piece on dance hall artist, Tifa, on set of her "Move Yuh Body" video

Pottinger ensures his video runs smoothly with DP, Marvin Bartley for Tifa's "Move Yuh Body" video

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  1. Congrats on your blog Chevonese! It's exactly the right move to make, this post on Pottinger is a good start. look forward to many more posts from you--

  2. Well written piece. Big up Mr 3D himself!

  3. great article - wow - I've just spent the last 20 mins looking at some of his work on youtube!